Why should you invest in corporate gifts? Corporate gifting is becoming an exceptional tool for many businesses in building and affirming relationships with clients. It is also a great way to show appreciation to your clients for their business and even for your own employees for their dedicated work. Sending out branded gifts is a great form of advertising. It is a subtle way to leave your brand fresh in the minds of your clients. The aim is to leave a good impression resulting in secure long-term relationships with your clients for successful future business.


Corporate gifting has become a whole lot easier as it can be done online with minimal effort. Not to mention the wide variety of products that are available to brand, from pens and stationary to electronics and clothing. Many companies see corporate gifting as an unnecessary expense, however it should rather be seen as a branding expense and opportunity that will promote your company. Corporate gifts have emerged as a staple in the business world and have developed a valuable charm. They present an opportunity to connect and share with your clients on a new level and ultimately strengthen your relationships.


Tips for choosing the perfect gift

In order for corporate gifting to be a success it should be done tastefully and appropriately. You don’t want to be sending a gift that won’t be well received or that is too expensive- you are not trying to bribe your client. Here are some tips for choosing the best corporate gift:

• First and foremost, it is important to know your client. Understand the types of people they are and know their interests. You don’t want to be sending out branded golf balls if your clients are not avid golfers.

• Ensure that your gifts are not overly-expensive but not low quality. You have good intentions sending them something- make sure it is a good gift.

• A good rule of thumb when choosing a product is to bring your own feelings into the equation. Would you be happy to receive this product as a gift? If not, then it is probably not the best gift idea.

• Give a useful gift, like a USB drive or a power bank. Choose something that will get used often and not stashed in a drawn or thrown in the garbage.

• Choose the appropriate time to give a gift, such as holidays, birthdays and business anniversaries.

• Make sure the gift is appropriate to the business relationship. Reconsider your choice if the gift if it may come across as a bribery or offensive to the recipient.